Bag Association of America (BAA)

Rules for Bags


  • All Games are played to 21 Points, unless previously determined differently by the organizer.

  • 21 pts. must be scored exactly at the end of the round to win the game.

  • To start the game

    • 1st Choice is Bag choice, then the other players gets side choice, or vice versa. If no agreement can be made a coin flip will determine who chooses what first.

    • Players will decide who will go first to start the game. If no agreement can be made, a coin flip will determine who starts.

    • Once the players side is determined players must throw from their assigned side.

  • Scoring

    • Each bag inside the hole = 3 Pts

    • Each bag on the top of the board = 1Pt

    • All points inside of the Hole add up for total points awarded to the last bag

      • i.e. 3 bags in hole = 9 pts for final bag

    • Points inside of the hole DO NOT Cancel – they accumulate

    • The last bag in the hole takes the points regardless of which player threw the bag. The bag matters. This is a field call along with spectator opinion if close.

  • WHITEWASH is > or =11- 0 score. If this happens at the END of a round, the game is officially over.

  • Team with the last point in the previous round goes first the next round.

  • If a team goes over 21, SUBTRACT the points from that round from the score that started the round

o   i.e. Player started the round with 17 points and ends up throwing 6 additional points at the end of the round which puts them over, that player must subtract the 6 points from 17 (Where they started the round) Score now = 11 to start the next round.

·        Any Bag that is touching ground grass (even a blade that is connected to the ground) is considered out.

·        If a bag is touching another bag that is ruled out, that touching bag is also considered out and does not count for points.

·        A bag can hit the ground and bounce on the board and still count as points.

·        OVERTIME RULE- If the score ends in a 21-21 tie, the game will continue with a sudden death throw off between the next shooters.  If neither player scores more points than the other (meaning ends in another tie) then the next set of shooter goes until one team has scored more than the other.

·        You must use the bags that are being used; you cannot bring your own separate bags to throw.  You must use what is provided.

·        In the event of an uneven tournament that requires a BYE, the team that played into the next round chooses who goes first. 

·        If playing head to head match ups with challengers next up, winners choose who goes first, as well as choice of bags and side.

·        Once a tournament has started there are no practice bags when everyone is ready to play.

·        Players must call out scores and agree after each round prior to the next throw. 

·        If a scoreboard is provided score must be kept on the unit by the players.  Score is not adjusted until the end of each round.