8th  Annual Indoor Bag Tournament

To Benefit JDRF

Tournament Rules  

  • All Players must pay first to be included in the tournament

  • Teams will be randomly drawn by selecting cards for each player in the order they are listed.

  • The Four Courts will be Pre labeled A, B, C, D.

  • Court assignments are predetermined and must be used.  No switching.

  • The bags assigned to each board prior to the tourney must stay with that assigned board- no bag switching.  This could lead to disqualification.

  • You must use the bags that are assigned to each board.  No outside bags

  • Ruling will be determined by the official BAA rules.  Any Discrepancies will be reviewed and ruled by Tournament Commissioner Jomark Garbatowicz.  Rulings are final and will be added to the official BAA ruling for the remainder of the tournament if necessary.

  • In the event of less than 32 Participants Bye games will be added to the tourney and will be determined prior to picking cards. 

  • If more than 32 participants want to be involved-

    • everyone will pay their entry fee

    • Additional cards will be added to the draw; these cards will not have a spot in the tourney and will be refunded their entry fee for that tourney.

    • If a player was excluded from the previous tournament this player will be guaranteed to be the next tourney. If an “exempt” card is picked for that individual a new card will be drawn until that player has a spot.  The Exempt card is added to the deck, shuffled and the drawing continues.

  • Players must be there and ready for their game when it is ready to be played. 

  • If a Bean Bag is broken a new replacement can be substituted or a whole new set depending on the circumstances ruled by the commissioner and deputy commissioner.

  • All scoring is consistent with BAA rules and if needed scored by the Commissioner and Deputy for final ruling

  • After each round the score should be called out loud and both teams should agree on that score.  If score tower is available then that should be used throughout the game to keep track.

  • A Bean Bag cannot be aided to stay on the board by a Foreign Object, Such as a Chair or Score tower to stay on the Board. In the event this does happen, that Bean Bag is immediately removed from the Board prior to the next throw. If a Bag already on the Board is pushed/directed into a Foreign object and touches the object it is then removed from the Game. Also any Bag touching the bag that is Touching the object will be considered out as well.  

  • Have fun and enjoy yourself. Remember it is a charity tournament.

  • A % will be deducted from each tournament for JDRF. 

For example 32 participants with $5 Entry

$60 to SUPERBAG winning team Plus Award

$40 to Runner up team

$60 to JDRF